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Seema Minerals & Metals
Seema Minerals & Metals
madri, Udaipur, Rajasthan
GST No. 08AACPO0074E1Z1
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Our Products

Diatomaceous Earth For High Fluid Loss Lost CirculationYes! I am interested


Lost Circulation is the most costly mud related drilling problem, and induced fracture. Water slurry of diatomite is used as the high fluid loss squeeze slurry in the treatment of lost circulation and in decreasing fluid loss. Diatomite decreases the required time for collecting the filtrate to 1 min comparing with the international standard which recommended the filtrate should be collected maximum within 2–3 min.

Drilling fluid, or mud, may be defined as any fluid that is used in a drilling operation. A drilling fluid is circulated or pumped from the surface, down the drill string, through the bit, and back to the surface via the annulus. It is the single most important part of any earth excavation exercise, especially when drilling for oil and gas. Selection of the best fluid to meet anticipated conditions will minimize well costs and reduce the risk of catastrophes such as stuck Drill Pipe, Loss of circulation, gas kick, etc 

Lost circulation is the term used to describe the condition characterized by lack of mud returning to the surface after being pumped down a well-bore. It is caused by the loss of some or the whole of the drilling fluid or mud at any depth into the natural fissures or due to high permeability of the formation or by pressure induced fractures resulting in fluid loss and there are high costs associated with replacing drilling fluids.

Many lost circulation materials are added to drilling fluids. One of the lost circulation water base mud (WBM) additives that is considered environmentally friendly is Diatomite silica. Silicates are non-toxic and are multi-functional materials that are being used in drilling mud formulations by causing changes in density, ionic strength, and charge. Diatomite silica is needed for critical drilling mud functions such as: drill-bit cooling, bit cleaning, effective cuttings removal to surface, down hole pressure control and Shale stabilization.

Diatomite can be combined with other materials such as organic fibbers to be used as a lost circulation control material in water drilling fluids. It is typically used as a rheological modifier or processing aid in a “squeeze” treatment, it has a highly permeable nature which allows it to rapidly form a plug to bridge fractures. Diatomite produce a highly porous mineral which can be used to seal wide fractures, as it will lose fluid very rapidly to provide a solid plug on which an impermeable filter cake may then form. Silica constitutes about 78–85 % of the chemical composition of the diatom frustules. Typical high fluid loss slurry contains a mixture of diatomite, bridging agents and barite suspended in either water or oil.

Almost any type of mud can be used as a carrying fluid for spotting lost circulation materials, but fluids that have extremely high filtration rates are best. Once the initial bridge forms, filtration allows the filtrate to be lost from the slurry depositing a firm filter cake within the fracture itself. This technique should be used against all types of loss zones. There are slight differences in application to these different loss zones, but the main distinction is increasing the size of the bridging agent as the loss zone becomes more severe.


Active Silicon Plus GranulesYes! I am interested

Active Silicon plus granules are developed by us to bring down dosage of material. Only 10 kg per acre is sufficient with same results. It can be used in any plant, crop and any type of soil. It reduces usage of other fertilizer by 50 % and increases yield by 20-35 % and also shortens harvest time. It also makes crops and plants resistant to pests. For more details email us.

Silicon Organic Soil Conditioner with MicrobesYes! I am interested
Active silicon is amorphous Silicon based soil enricher, conditioner that supplies plant available silica to plant. It improves nutrient efficiency of other fertilizers by absorbing nutrients and slowly releasing them when required. It increases water retention and provides improved aeration in soil. Plant available silica actively boosts plants ability to withstand stresses from disease, insects and environmental pressure. Collectively these benefits of Active Silicon increases yield and quality of crops and plants. Active Silicon is basically amorphous silica. This is the only growing medium that energizes and actually feeds your plants. Although Silicon is an abundant element but it is mostly locked up in crystalline form and plant available Silica is only available from amorphous Silica. The product have beneficial Microbes which helps in yield increase and faster growth.

Kieselguhr PowderYes! I am interested
We manufacture Kieselguhr Powder used in manufacturing of Fire proof Safes and Cabinets. The material has excellent insulation property and using it in fire proof safes and cabinets keep the important documents and currency notes safe whenever there is fire and outside temperature is very high for many hours.

Chromatography KieselguhrYes! I am interested
We manufacture different grades of Kieselguhr for chromatography for different type of chromatography. Mail products are Kieselguhr G, Kieselguhr Purified White, DMCS Treated acid washed Kieselguhr.

Diatomaceous Earth for Animal FeedYes! I am interested
We manufacture Diatomaceous Earth for Animal Feed. Material has High amorphous Silica > 86 % and crystalline Silica less than 1 %. Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and other heacy metals are as per international norms and much below permisible limit.
Active Silica For Phosphoric Acid PlantsYes! I am interested
When you want optimum protection in acid manufacturing process then Active Silica for phosphoric acid plants provides the same. The component protects machines from the corrosive effect of acid. It comes in contact with fluorine and catalyses fast to protect the surface from phosphorous. Active silica reacts fast when compared to crystalline silica and thus is effective. It is added in rock phosphate to react right with sulphuric acid. We maintain the composition so that it acts as a perfect catalyst.


Diatomaceous Earth for Latex Balloons & GlovesYes! I am interested

We have developed Diatomaceous Earth micronized for latex balloons. The material is of very fine mesh (800 mesh) and have same particle size distribution in each bag. The material is treated with some additive and then heated to make it suitable for Latex Balloons for easy release from Moulds. The material is made in an imported fine mesh classifying machine which gives very good particle size distribution high suitable for use in manufacturing of Latex balloons. Our material is approved by many latex balloons manufacturers and we are exporting this material to many countries. For more details email us.

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Seema Minerals & Metals

  • Nature of BusinessExporter
  • Total Number of Employees26 to 50 People
  • Year of Establishment1975
  • Legal Status of FirmIndividual - Proprietor
  • Annual Turnover2011-12 Rs. 50 - 100 Crore Approx.
  • GST No.08AACPO0074E1Z1
Seema Minerals & Metals established in the year 1975. With more than three decades in the industry we have been successful enough to provide our clients , the wide range of industrial minerals & mineral products that are processed in accordance to our client’s requirements. Our vast industrial experience helps us in comprehending the market dynamics as well as the industry requirements and thereby offering our clients minerals such as Reactive Silica / Active Silica, Diatomaceous Earth for various applications, Silicon fertilizers, Kieselguhr for variosu applications, Siliceous Chalk clay, Calcined and Flux calcined Diatomaceous Earth for Various applications, Active Silicon Soil Conditioner, Diatomaceous Earth / Kieselguhr, Horticulture grade Diatomite, Ceramic water filter candles, Diatomite for Rubber industry, Diatomite for insulation in fire proof cabinets and safes, Food Grade Diatomite Grains for Animals.
Through our consistent research program we always bring innovative ideas to develop our range. Moreover, with our continuous effort to deliver qualitative and qualitative range we have been able to build a strong foothold in this industry.


Seema Minerals & MetalsSeema Minerals & Metals



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Seema Minerals & Metals
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,203-A,Road 11,,Madri Industrial Area, Udaipur
Udaipur - 313003 , Rajasthan , India
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